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About online course

We have introduced a live online TAVI CT course using advanced online communication techniques (Zoom) with full access to practice cases on advanced imaging software (Cloud Terarecon).

The on-line London TAVI CT Course is designed to deliver a comprehensive training curriculum including lectures and live hands-on training and follows the same curriculum as previous in-person courses.

The requirement is access to a computer (see below for specifications) and internet access.

Please see programme for details. Please use the contact page to discuss your questions.


London TAVI CT 2021

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About the software

We will provide you with the course cases ahead of the course.

YOu will receive a complimentary CVI42 license for installation on your PC.

We use CVI42 software to teach you the TAVI CT assessment. Circle is an independent vendor neutral medical image viewing solution with a focus on advanced image processing for cardiovascular imaging.

Short recorded tutorial will be available to facilitate the use of the software. An app specialist will be available to support candidates during the live sessions.
50 validated cases are loaded to the database. 
The software and cases will be available from 2 weeks before the course for a period of 30days. 

Your PC should meet the following minimum requirements:

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